Joe Biden announces that 100 million Americans will be vaccinated Covid 19 in 100 days: Joe Biden announces 100 vaccines for 100 days

New US President Joe Biden has announced an ambitious plan to apply Covid-19 vaccines to 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of his tenure to fight the Corona virus outbreak. Biden is expected to take the presidency of the United States on January 20. Previously, he had a meeting with his team on Friday to deal with the health crisis.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s Corona Virus Tracker, more than 2.35.23000 people have been infected with the corona virus so far in the United States and 3.91.955 people have died. America is the most affected country in the world. During his election campaign, Biden made the Kovid-19 outbreak a big deal and promised voters to deal with it and overcome the economic crisis it caused.

“ Objective to impose 10 crores of vaccines in the first 100 days of the term ”
Biden told reporters in Wilmington: “ Vaccination in the United States has so far been a complete failure and in today’s meeting we discussed five things. Through these five things we will try to change the situation, with these five things we will turn despair into hope. These five things will help us achieve our goal of taxing 10 crore of vaccines in the first 100 days of our tenure.

He said: “I have no doubts that we can achieve it, and it is time to set big goals to move forward with courage and conviction, because the health of the nation is really at stake. First of all, we will work immediately in close collaboration with all states to introduce immunization for priority groups. Biden said the new nation will be united in this new effort and spend billions of dollars from federal funds on immunizations, testing and other measures to fight the epidemic.

“We will control this epidemic with this campaign”
Biden said Friday: “I promise you that we will control this epidemic with this campaign.” He said that for this, Parliament would have to approve the additional spending. He also called on people to follow basic precautions such as wearing masks, avoiding overcrowding and washing their hands frequently. Biden said, “It’s not a political issue. It’s about saving lives. I know this has become a partisan issue, but there are some silly and silly things going on.

The announcement came a day after Biden announced a $ 1.9 trillion “ US bailout ” to tackle the outbreak and provide immediate support for a volatile economy. The plan will spend $ 400 billion to control the spread of the corona virus. As part of this plan, large-scale vaccination campaigns across the United States and many other measures to combat the epidemic must be taken.

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