Joe Biden calls on Russian President Putin to kill: Russia recalls US ambassador to Moscow

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After US President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “ murder ” relations between the two countries came to a head, Moscow called on Ambassador Joe Biden also said the Russian president should pay the Washington / Moscow price.
Relations between the two countries collapsed after US President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer.” Biden also said Putin should pay for it. Fueled by the statement by the US president, Russia has drastically withdrawn its ambassador to Washington for “advice.” Since the arrival of the Biden administration, the difficulties have increased for Russia in America.

Meanwhile, Russia has rejected the claims of the US president. The latest tension erupted as the US intelligence report said Russia attempted to influence the 2020 presidential election. The US made the claim after banning Russia after poisoning Alexei Navalny. These sanctions included the Russian intelligence service FSB.
US intelligence report claims Putin aided Donald Trump against Biden
“The Russian President will have to pay the price”
After that, US President Joe Biden called out Putin’s murder and said the Russian president should pay the price. After this statement, Russia reportedly recalled its ambassador to send a strong message to the United States. Previously, Trump had praised and favored the Russian president. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov had been recalled for advice on relations with the United States.

Russia has also said it does not want its relations with the United States to reach such a place from which it cannot be returned. Earlier in 1988, Russia withdrew its ambassador from the United States and Britain to protest the joint attack on Iraq. However, experts say it didn’t have much of an effect. Previously, the U.S. intelligence report said Putin endorsed campaigns to help Trump in the November U.S. presidential election.

The Kremlin rejected the claims made in the report
An intelligence report said Russia and Iran went to great lengths to influence the election results, but there was no evidence that foreign intervention had an effect on the votes or the voting process. The report released Tuesday by the office of the director of the National Intelligence Office gives a detailed assessment of foreign interference in the 2020 US election. Russia, however, has dismissed the report as baseless.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden said in an interview aired Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​that Putin’s wrongdoing will pay off and “he’s going to pay the price, you will see him soon “. Recalling his first call with Putin last month, in which he told Putin: “We understand each other.” The Kremlin on Wednesday rejected the allegations made in the report.

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