joe biden china position: no soft on china biden, dragon edits – ‘follow the rules’ – US elect Joe Biden says China will have to follow the rules

Since Democratic candidate Joe Biden was elected President of the United States, there has been a discussion about what he would face China. Now, Biden has made it clear that he will make sure China works by rules and regulations. Biden said during the election campaign that he wanted to punish China for the way it was doing. He was reacting when asked about Biden’s remarks.

The newly elected president was meeting with bipartisan groups of governors at his Wilmington residence. Biden was asked if economic sanctions would be imposed on the world’s second-largest economy or if taxes would be increased on imports and exports. Biden said, “It’s not too much about punishing China but about making sure China understands that it has to act by the rules.” It’s a normal thing.

America to join WHO
At the same time, Biden announced that the United States would join the World Health Organization again. In April of this year, President Donald Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization. He said that was also a reason his administration was going to join the World Health Organization. Biden said her administration will join her (at the WHO) on day one and that she needs to be reformed.

Not only that, Biden also declared the need to join the Paris climate agreement. He said, “We need to make sure the rest of the world and we come together and decide that there are certain rules that China needs to understand.”

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