joe biden covid 19 cases in US: increase in ‘dangerous’ covid-19 cases, Donald Trump administration takes immediate action: Joe Biden – Joe Biden says 19 cases of covid are increasing in US .

US President-elect Joe Biden has called the rapid rise in corona virus cases in the country dangerous. Biden called on the current administration headed by President Donald Trump to take immediate action. Joe Biden was briefed on Friday by Dr Vivek Murthy, Dr David Kessler and Dr Marcella Nunez-Smith, co-chairs of the Kovid-19 advisory committee, regarding the Corona virus outbreak.

Biden said: “ The facts he related are quite disturbing. In our country, the cases of infection are increasing rapidly, the number of hospitalized patients is increasing and the epidemic is killing many people. The situation is very bad in most of the country. He said good news had come in the direction of making a safe and effective Kovid-19 vaccine this week. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer said on Monday that the Kovid-19 vaccine they developed was 90 percent effective.

Biden said the federal government should take strong and urgent action on the outbreak. He said, “I was elected to the US presidency, but I will be president next year. Things won’t stop there, they are increasing very fast now. Given the gravity of the situation, the current administration must take concrete action immediately.

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