Joe Biden, deceased granddaughter son: Joe Biden’s big mistake on US election day, tells his granddaughter his dead son – US Election 2020 Joe Biden mistook his granddaughter for his deceased son as he addressed to Philadelphia

In the US presidential election, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden made a serious mistake on polling day. Joe Biden revealed his granddaughter to his late son in front of a large crowd in Philadelphia. Biden got people talking to his granddaughter, Natalie Biden. Meanwhile, while speaking to people over loudspeakers, he told Natalie about his dead son.

The crowd suddenly went silent when Biden said it. After that, Biden realizes his mistake. Biden immediately admitted his mistake and the crowd started cheering him on again. Biden said, “I want you to live with my two granddaughters. It was my son Beau Biden who helped a lot to get elected to the Senate.

The crowd began to whisper when the leader of the Democratic Party said so. After that, Biden realizes his mistake. He immediately corrected himself. He said, “This is my granddaughter Natalie. In the past, Biden has made many speech errors during the election campaign and Trump fired him for that as well. Trump also makes fun of him by calling him “Sleepy Joe”.

Earlier Monday, Joe Biden made a mistake when speaking to voters. After that, Biden’s wife made her husband understand the mistake. After that, Biden corrected his mistake. Explain that the counting of votes continues in America. In the latest results, Joe Biden holds a huge lead over Donald Trump. However, it may take some time to get the end result.

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