Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump

In the race for the US presidential election, Joe Biden of the Democratic Party defeated incumbent President Donald Trump. At the same time, Donald Trump’s name was listed in the list of 11 US presidents who have consistently tried unsuccessfully to win back to continue in that post. Gerald Ford, who became President of the United States after Richard Nixon resigned, was unsuccessful in his efforts to remain President again in 1976.

George W. Bush was defeated by Trump in 1992
The last president to be defeated in reelection before Trump was George W. Bush (in 1992). Grover Cleveland was defeated in a campaign to become president again in 1888, but he returned to president, defeating then-president Benjamin Harrison 4 years later. He was the only president in American history to have served as president twice, but not for two consecutive terms, CNN reported.

Joe Biden’s wife will make history in the US, do this job for the first time in 231 years

This time Biden defeated Trump
According to CNN, the list does not contain the names of presidents who were not presented by their party in the next election for the next term. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden defeated rival Republican candidate and incumbent President Donald Trump in the November 3 presidential election.

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