Joe Biden Electoral College Victory: Official Announcement of Jo Biden’s US Presidential Victory, Gaining Strong Majority – 2020 US Primary Election Results Electoral College Chose Joe Biden As Lost President Donald Trump

The US Electoral College officially elected Joe Biden as the country’s next president on Monday. Joe Biden received a total of 306 votes and has a strong majority. With this, Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election and the defeat of incumbent President Donald Trump are now confirmed. Each state’s vote count has become important this year as Trump refused to accept defeat.

In preparation for the Electric College meeting, strict security arrangements have been made in some states in America. Voters voted by paper ballot. During this time, he wore a mask and followed measures to prevent the crown, including social distancing. The Electoral College results will be sent to Washington and merged into a meeting of Congress on January 6, which will be chaired by Vice President Mike Pence.

Despite President Donald Trump’s many fraud allegations, there was no doubt that Joe Biden would not win. Trump only won 232 electoral votes in that election. The leader of the Democratic Party also won more votes than Trump in the country in populist votes. Biden received the more than 55 California electoral votes. Biden said in his evening speech that democracy won in this battle for American identity.

Supporters and opponents clashed in many places just before the meeting
Thousands of people have taken to the streets of America to support current President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the presidential election results in the United States just before the Electric College meeting. The biggest protests were in the capital, Washington DC, while large numbers of people took part in protests in many other cities as well. Previously, the United States Supreme Court had rejected requests from Republicans seeking to overturn Joe Biden’s victory.

There were clashes between Trump supporters and anti-protesters at several locations on Saturday night. According to the report, four people injured by knives during the clashes were admitted to hospital. The Metropolitan Police Department said 23 people had been arrested in connection with the violence. Most Trump supporters at these rallies did not wear masks.

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