Joe Biden First speech in Hindi: US President Joe Biden emphasizes unity in his first speech after taking the oath – Joe Biden Pehla Bhashan

The 46th US President Joe Biden said the most important thing is unity. In his first speech after taking the oath on Wednesday, Biden declared the need for values ​​that were believed to be against former President Donald Trump. Before Trump took office, the slogan was ‘Make America Great Again’ but in the last year of his tenure he was accused of dividing society. At the same time, Biden has spoken of uniting again on the Make America “one” lines.

‘Victory of democracy’
Biden said after vowing that the celebration was a victory for no candidate but a victory for democracy. He said, “Today is America Day. It is the day of democracy. It is a day of history and hope ”. Biden said: “Today we celebrate the victory not of the victory of a single candidate, but of one goal, that of democracy.”

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‘My whole soul is engaged’
The new president of the country said: “The wishes of the people have been heard and understood”. He said that “the mentality of whites as superiors will overcome internal terrorism. I want every American to join our fight. Stressed the importance of unity and said his whole soul is committed to it. Biden said: “ Today on this January day all my soul is committed to it. By bringing America together, by uniting the people, by uniting the country.

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‘Need to unite’
Biden called on the American people to come together so that the challenges the country faces can be overcome. He said that to overcome these challenges America will need more unity than words to secure America’s future, to revive the soul of the country. Biden said one would have to unite to face the enemies – anger, hatred, fundamentalism, law breaking, violence, disease, unemployment and despair. Great and important things can be done with unity.

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