joe biden gulf countries: what is joe biden’s strategy for relations between us and the gulf countries: what will be biden’s strategy with the gulf countries

US government Joe Biden will withdraw “terrorist” status from Yemen’s Houthi movement. This decision was taken in view of the crisis in the country. The government’s move comes at a time when Biden has stopped supporting the United States in Yemen for a Saudi-led military operation. The ongoing conflict in Yemen is seen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This position of America has stepped up efforts to assess the country’s new government’s strategy towards the Gulf countries, showing an insight into diplomacy.

Are you looking for common ground?
The way the former administration of Donald Trump had forged relations with the Gulf countries with solid relations, which Biden appears to be doing to them. Biden is believed to want to make all countries happy, thus finding common ground. In announcing the withdrawal of terrorist status from the Yemeni Houthis, the administration made it clear that its activities were not supported and that they were being taken only in accordance with the UN’s views on the humanitarian crisis in the country. Yemen. Not only that, Saudi Arabia has been given assurances that the United States is determined to help in the event of an attack on it.

Saudi Arabia, UAE will be angry for helping Iran
The Houthi movement in Yemen enjoys the support of the fierce Saudi anti-Iranian. In such a situation, the Saudis are bound to be concerned about their soft approach. Especially when the Biden administration hints at improving relations with Iran. In 2018, Donald Trump ended the nuclear deal with Iran, which led the United States to turn to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

However, speculation has intensified that Biden could once again strike a nuclear deal with Iran. If that happens, he will blame Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as well as Israel.

Strict Foreign Ministry on Arabia and UAE
Interestingly, government foreign minister Biden has targeted Arabia for the ongoing crisis in Yemen. Not only that, the Foreign Ministry ended an arms deal with Saudi Arabia in the Trump administration and a $ 23 billion package to deliver F-35 jets to the UAE. However, these were not canceled and would have been reviewed. After Israel’s recognition, these fighter jets with stealth capability were signed with the UAE.

Biden will be able to help countries
In the Gulf countries, we are watching whether Biden, who was the vice-president of the administration Barack Obama, will adopt the policy like him? Or will continue to pressure Iran by banning Trump. Experts believe that how Trump weakened Iran’s financial and economic capabilities will be a big challenge for Biden.

Not only that, there will also be a possibility of increasing tensions with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel in improving relations with Iran. Both countries were already concerned that Biden would be lenient on Iran. This is why last year Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suddenly reached out to Saudi Arabia and surprised the whole world.

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