joe biden h1b indian visas: soon after becoming president, will give good news to indians who will be deported from biden, muslim countries ban travel – joe biden will reform h1 b visa process

Strong points:

The blueprint for work was announced 10 days after Biden was sworn in. He focused on the fight against Kovid-19, the economy and immigration, which together with Congress Biden will improve the visa system, H1-B visas in New York.
Newly-elected US President Joe Biden has announced the blueprint for the work he will do in the first 10 days of his term after taking the oath. He focused on the fight against Kovid-19, the economy and immigration. Biden has announced he will end the Donald Trump-era travel ban from certain Muslim-majority countries. Biden, along with Congress, will improve the visa system, H1-B visas, which can greatly benefit Indians.

Biden’s chief of staff Ron Clain sent a memorandum to senior executives that included details of the plan, details of the plan, etc. in many areas, prohibiting actions taken by outgoing President Donald Trump. It was released to the public on Sunday by the Transition Office. Clain wrote: ‘President-elect Biden will take action, not only to reverse the Trump administration’s biggest loss, but also to move our country forward. ”

“ Visa permit to change jobs ”
On the immigration front, the memo said Biden would send out an immigration bill before his office on Wednesday. He did not provide details, but said Biden would keep his “ promise to restore the system honorably. ” In his platform, Biden said he would work with Congress to improve the visa system, H1-B visas, to allow visa holders to change jobs. Indians can benefit greatly from this. Another pledge to legalize 1.1 million illegal migrants was, according to their manifesto, 500,000 of them are Indians.

Klein said Biden tried to keep campaign promises through dozens of executive orders, presidential memoranda and directives to cabinet agencies, speeding up implementation. Trump has been criticized by Democrats for using executive orders to avoid Congress, and with that in mind Klan said Biden’s action would be based on well-established legal doctrine. He said Biden would discuss joining the Paris Climate Agreement again after taking office, which led to Trump’s separation from the United States. To fight the furious Corono virus epidemic, Biden will make it compulsory to wear masks on planes, trains and buses.

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