Joe Biden helps India Corona Crisis: India was with us in our time of need and now we will be with them Joe Biden

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Joe Biden discusses the corona outbreak situation in India with Prime Minister Modi.
The tone of US President Joe Biden now appears to be changing after causing a global uproar for failing to help India during the Corona crisis. He said after talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India was with the American people at the time of need and that America would be by their side during India’s worst public health crisis of all time.

America will donate many important items including fans
The White House has announced that it will provide India with other resources, including raw materials needed by the maker of drugs, ventilators and vaccines covshield. Biden tweeted immediately after a phone conversation with Prime Minister Modi that India was for us and we would stand up for it. This is the second telephone conversation between the two leaders after Biden took office as the 46th President of the United States on January 20.

45-minute conversation with PM Modi
Biden said today I spoke with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and pledged my full support to the United States to provide emergency aid and resources in the fight against Kovid-19. About 45 minutes were spent between the two leaders.

Will also provide oxygen
White House press secretary Jane Saki told reporters at her regular press conference that the president is committed to providing immediate assistance to the people of India who are grappling with the recent increase in cases of Kovid-19. At India’s request, the United States is exploring options to provide oxygen and related supplies.

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America will send aid to other countries
He said that given the emergency situation in India, we can change the route of the ships to help countries that need it less and we hope to get more information about this soon. He said the Defense Department is also considering supplying field oxygen production systems that have been used by the United States in its field medical hospitals.

Preparations to provide field oxygen generators to India
Saki said each unit can deliver oxygen to 50 to 100 beds. The administration is also exploring options to provide oxygen concentrators and ventilators. The United States provided 200 ventilators to India last year and trained healthcare professionals in their use.

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America active in the supply of drugs and kits
The White House press secretary said what is needed most is the PPE kit and we have also identified US commercial suppliers for this. We have also identified US commercial suppliers of Remadecivir. India has given a list of seven essential things that it urgently needs. The list includes oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders with a capacity of 10 liters and 45 liters, oxygen generators, oxygen production plants, ramdescivir, faviprivir and tocilizumab.

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The US State Department said – work continuously
Meanwhile, the US State Department has said that the Biden administration is constantly striving to provide essential medical supplies to India to deal with the Kovid-19. State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters on Monday that the current situation in India is of concern to the United States. He said we stand in solidarity with our friends and partners in India. India is constantly striving to provide what is urgently needed and includes oxygen assistance and related items, but at the same time it includes rapid test kits, ventilators, personal protective equipment or PPE, upstream of India. All items that protect healthcare workers are included.

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