Joe Biden inauguration man arrested

Just before the swearing-in of newly elected US President Joe Biden, a man near the US Parliament on Capitol Hill was arrested by police on Friday with a gun and 500 bullets. The accused also had a “ fake ” pass from Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. The accused hid the gun and the bullets inside his truck. The arrested defendants have been identified as Wesley A. Biller (31).

After being caught, Biller said he accidentally left with a gun and bullets. Biller claimed he worked for security in Washington. He was delayed at work and that’s why he forgot his truck had a gun. On the other hand, federal investigative agencies have stated that Biller works as a contractor. His ID card was issued by the park police, but the officer did not identify him.

Investigative agencies said Biller had no previous relationship with an extremist group. Biller was charged with possession of a weapon without a license. Police documents showed that when Biller was arrested he admitted he had a gun. Police immediately took Biller into custody. The bullets found by him are 9mm handguns. Let us know that Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 20 and that strict security measures have been taken due to the threat of violence from Trump supporters.

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