Joe Biden Indian Immigrants US Citizenship: As soon as the President took action, Biden began giving citizenship to 5 lakh Indians – Joe Biden signs decrees for undocumented Indian immigrants on their way to US citizenship

US President Joe Biden swung into action as soon as he took office. Biden overturned several decisions of his predecessor, Donald Trump, by signing several executive orders. Meanwhile, Biden also signed an executive order giving aid to migrants. This order will benefit 1.1 crore of migrants who have no legal document. There are about 5 Lakh Indians in it.

Joe Biden began to completely change the immigration system after taking the oath. Under his orders, he signed several documents that would change Trump’s controversial immigration policies. Joe Biden called on the US Congress to enact legislation guaranteeing the permanent status of 1.1 million illegal migrants and their path to citizenship. According to one estimate, there are around 5 lakh of Indian origin who have no legal documents.

This Joe Biden administration’s immigration bill would run counter to the Trump administration’s strict immigration policies. An official with knowledge of the bill said, on condition of keeping his identity confidential, the bill could be introduced after Biden was sworn in on Wednesday. As a Democratic presidential candidate, Biden called Trump’s immigration decision a “ severe attack ” on American values. The danger of sending these 11 million illegal people out of America was imminent.

Promise to legalize 1.1 million illegal migrants
Before Biden assumed power, he said he would “make up for the loss.” Under this bill, the backgrounds of people living without legal status in the United States will be reviewed until January 1, 2021 and if they meet the tax and meet other basic requirements, then the five-year passage temporary legal status for them. Go paving or they get a green card. After that, they can get citizenship for three more years. US Senators Bob Mendez and Linda Sanchez are working on the bill that will be presented to Congress.

Travel ban in Muslim-majority countries removed
Biden overturned Trump’s decision to lift the ban on Muslims. In 2017, Trump imposed a ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. Biden ordered that the visa process be started for residents of those countries. Also said that efforts should be made to compensate those who have suffered losses. Biden also ordered the construction of the wall on the Mexican border. On the other hand, factions supporting the migrants hailed Biden’s order.

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