Joe Biden Kayani video: Joe Biden forgot Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s name, Kayani Troll says on Twitter

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Joe Biden forgot the name of the president of Afghanistan during his first press conference, he told Kiani in place of Ashraf Ghani, the former chief of Kiani’s army in Pakistan.
US President Joe Biden forgot the name of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during his first press conference. On an issue regarding the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan, Biden replaced Giani as Kiani. After which, he was attracted a lot on social media. In fact, Kiyani was the former chief of the Pakistani army, his full name is General Ashraf Parvez Kiyani. Joe Biden and General Kiani have also met several times during his tenure as vice president.

People mad at Biden’s statement
At the President’s first press conference, a reporter questioned whether American troops would leave Afghanistan on the deadline already set for May 1. In response to this, Biden said we weren’t staying long. We will be leaving Afghanistan soon. He said that … General Austin (US Defense Minister Lloyd J. Austin) just met Kayani (Afghan President Ashraf Ghani). He’s the head of Afghanistan in Kabul… I’m just waiting for a presentation on this.

Joe Biden folks shot him
Following this statement from Joe Biden, people on Twitter started pulling him up. Many people advised him to learn the pronunciation of Ashraf Ghani’s name. At the same time, many have tweeted the photos of Kiani and Ghani and also differentiated between the two. There were a large number of Afghan users among those who expressed their anger at Biden on social media.

US Defense Minister on secret visit to Afghanistan
US Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin made a secret visit to Afghanistan shortly after his visit to India. During this time, he also met with the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani. The meeting reportedly discussed the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and ongoing peace talks with the Taliban. The United States has previously said it will review peace efforts on behalf of the Taliban, after which it will consider continuing the deal with this terrorist group.

Taliban continue to carry out terrorist attacks
In the midst of the peace talks with the Taliban, numerous terrorist incidents have occurred in many areas, including the capital Kabul. The Afghan government directly blamed the Taliban for these attacks. At the same time, the United States is also putting increasing pressure on the Taliban to participate in the peace process. President Ashraf Ghani has already made it clear that a peace deal with the Taliban does not mean making them a partner in power.

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