Joe Biden made history in the US election, left Barack Obama behind

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, who is leading the presidential race in Washington, made history by leaving behind his own party leader, Barack Obama, in terms of popular votes. Biden has now become the most popular US presidential candidate. Funny thing is, in Obama’s day, Joe Biden was the US vice president. According to the PA report on Wednesday morning, Biden had received 6,97,68,858 votes and very easily shattered Obama’s record. Previously, Obama had received 6,94,98,516 votes. In contrast, Donald Trump is followed by Biden and obtained 6,71,62,702 votes. However, Trump surpassed his 2016 record. In 2016, Trump received 6,29,84,828 votes. Preparing to wage a legal battle to save the president, Trump America is still counting the ballots and it can take days. Biden asked his supporters to remain “patient”. On the flip side, Trump has taken legal action. He alleged the Democrats want to capture the election. In Georgia, Trump’s team alleged that 53 latecomers were also allowed to vote. He claimed election officials supported the Democratic Party. Earlier in the middle of the vote count, Donald Trump claimed he was winning the election. Trump’s claim has turned out to be hollow and he is now preparing to wage a legal battle to save the chair. On the other hand, Biden’s legal team has said they are ready to take on Trump’s team on the pitch. Biden, who came close to securing the victory, showed that Donald Trump’s “ big-hearted ” team is disputing the poll results of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, which are crucial in terms of votes. Biden won elections in Wisconsin and Michigan. This brings the total number of his electoral representatives to 264. Biden is only 6 paces away from 270, the magic figure of becoming president. In 2016 Michigan was on Trump’s behalf. On the other hand, Donald Trump is not satisfied with Biden’s victory in Wisconsin.

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