Joe Biden on China: Chinese dragon is a threat to the world, will support the rights of Tibetans: United States – China is a threat to the world will support the rights of the Tibetans tells us

The US Biden administration has announced, in line with the Chinese policy of the previous Trump administration, that it will support human rights in the neighboring countries of Dragon, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet. President Joe Biden’s interim strategic direction on US national security, released Wednesday, indicates that China has become a threat to the world.

The Biden administration has said that today, more than ever, America’s fate is tied to events beyond its shores where it faces a world of growing nationalism. The recurrence of democracy is a growing rivalry with China, Russia and other totalitarian countries, and a technological revolution that is reshaping all aspects of life. The 24-page document states that the United States must also face the reality that the distribution of power in the world is changing, new threats are emerging.

“ China, in particular, has become more assertive ”
This document states, “China, in particular, has become more assertive. It is the only competitor capable of combining its economic, diplomatic, military and technological prowess, which represents a permanent challenge for a stable and open international system ”. The United States has said Russia is determined to increase its global influence and play a disruptive role on the world stage. Beijing and Moscow have invested heavily in efforts to test American strength and prevent America from defending its interests and allies in the world.

The Biden administration said countries in the region such as Iran and North Korea continue to seek game-changing capabilities and technologies, threatening U.S. allies and partners and challenging regional stability. The Biden administration said in its vision document that in many areas, Chinese leaders behave unfairly and aggressively and undermine the rules and values ​​of an open and stable international system.

“ The behavior of the Chinese government directly threatens our interests ”
He said, “When the behavior of the Chinese government directly threatens our interests and values, we will respond to Beijing’s challenge.” We will face unfair and illicit trade practices, cyber-theft, and resilient economic regulations that hurt American workers, curtail our advanced and emerging technologies, and dare to eliminate our strategic advantage and national competitiveness. The Biden government has said it will support China’s neighbors and trading partners to impose independent political options or free them from foreign influence.

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