Joe Biden praised Vanita Gupta: says she made Indian immigrants proud – know who Vanita Gupta is of Indian descent, which Biden praised

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Newly elected US President Joe Biden praised Vanita Gupta of Indian descent. Hawington
New US President Joe Biden has praised Vanita Gupta of Indian descent. Biden said Vanita Gupta is a prominent American civil rights advocate and made Indian immigrants proud. Biden appointed Gupta, an Indo-American citizen, as deputy attorney general. Gupta (46) will be the first black woman to hold the post if approved by the Senate.

In Delaware, Wilmington, Biden told reporters while appointing him to an important position in the Department of Justice: “ I appointed Vanita Gupta to the post of number three in the department, assistant attorney general. She is a prominent civil rights defender in the United States. Biden said Gupta started his career with the ‘NAACP Legal Defense Fund’. He went on to work in the ACLU Justice Department and then in the administration of former President Barack Obam-Biden, where he headed the Civil Rights Division.

‘Keep throwing food at us until we leave’
Biden said, “At every step, in every trial, he has fought for fairness and to right the wrongs in the justice system.” Gupta said: “My presence will make Indian migrants proud.” He said: ‘One day I was sitting at McDonald’s with my sister and grandmother … that’s when a bunch of racists who believed in white supremacy started hitting us. taunt and throw food at us until we leave. .

Gupta said: “This feeling has never gone away that you are not safe because of your identity.” However, I kept another feeling alive in me, which was due to my parents and my husband, whose family had taken refuge here due to the violence and war in Vietnam. He said that more than anything else he believes in America’s promise, loving this country also comes with an obligation to work for its betterment. With these two accomplishments, he kept moving forward.

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