Joe Biden Profile: Joe Biden: Journey From Youngest Senator To Oldest President – Joe Biden: From One Of Younger Senators To Oldest President

Joe Biden News, who has been active in American politics for nearly five decades, made history Saturday as he traveled a brilliant journey from the youngest senator to the oldest American president. Biden, 77, has served as a senator six times and will now become the country’s 46th president, beating US President Donald Trump.

It is not that he achieved this success on his first attempt. Biden had failed the presidential race in 1988 and 2008. Thrilled to become president, veteran leader Biden, who arrived from Delaware, made the biggest breakthrough when he managed to win the presidential race on February 29 in the Carolina Democratic Party primaries. of the South, beating all its rivals.

Biden spent five decades in Washington
Biden, who spent five decades in Washington, was a face well known to the American public, having served as vice president twice during the tenure of then US President Barack Obama. Biden, who defeated Trump, 74, and won a spot in the White House, has become the longest-serving president in American history.

Biden is a strong supporter of Indo-American relations
As a Delaware state senator for nearly three decades and during his eight-year tenure under the Obama regime, he has always been a champion in strengthening Indo-American relations. Biden was also instrumental in passing the Indo-American nuclear deal. Biden also has a large number of Americans of Indian descent with close ties to Indian politicians. In July, during a campaign to raise funds for the election, Biden said Indo-Americans were natural partners. Recalling his eight-year tenure as vice president, he spoke of strengthening relations with India and also said Indo-American relations would remain his priority if elected president.

Was a senator in 1972 at the age of 29
Born in Pennsylvania in 1942, Joe Robinette Biden Jr. studied at the University of Delaware and then graduated with a law degree in 1968. Biden was first elected a senator in Delaware in 1972 and held that position at six times. Biden, who became a senator at the age of 29, is the youngest senator to become a leader.

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