Joe Biden proposes summit with Vladimir Putin: Joe Biden invites Vladimir Putin to meet after Russia calls out US opponent on Ukraine

US President Joe Biden had a phone conversation with Vladimir Putin amid a growing mobilization of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. Biden has also proposed a summit with Putin in a third country in the coming months. The Kremlin has not yet officially accepted this proposal from the US president. Through this conference, Biden wants to settle the ongoing disputes between the United States and Russia.

Summit proposed by Biden
Joe Biden offered Putin a meeting in a third country, underscoring the US commitment to sovereignty and territorial integrity. The White House said in a statement that President Biden has also made it clear that the United States will act firmly to defend its national interests in response to Russia’s actions, such as cyber-intrusion and election interference. The President expressed our concerns about Crimea occupied by the Russian army and the borders of Ukraine.

Biden bowed after calling Putin a murderer
A month earlier, Joe Biden had called Russian President Vladimir Putin a murderer. Since then, tensions between the United States and Russia have peaked. Apart from that, Russia had sent its guided-missile cruiser in response to the deployment of American bombers in Norway. In such a situation, the question arises as to whether the United States bowed to its Russian rival. In the presidential election, Joe Biden accused Republican candidate Donald Trump of having a soft corner for Russia.

Biden calls Putin twice in three months
Joe Biden spoke to Putin twice within three months of assuming the presidency of the United States. Meanwhile, he called on Russia to abolish the military assembly on the border with Ukraine. However, Russia has already declared that it is completely free to move the military within its territory and that it should not be seen as a threat to any country.

World is watching video of Russian army tanks moving towards Ukraine, threat of war rages on
Straightforward Russia – America Keeps Warships Away from Crimea
On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry has warned the United States to keep its warships away from Crimea. US Navy warships periodically patrol the Black Sea. The tension is expected to intensify with the arrival of US warships near Russia. Russia has also deployed a large number of its nuclear submarines in the region.

The Russian army is heading towards Ukraine, NATO is blowing its senses, is Europe on the verge of war?
Russia has deployed 80,000 troops to the Ukrainian border
The Ukrainian government claimed that Russia had deployed 41,000 troops on the eastern border and 42,000 in Crimea. Since then, Ukraine has also increased the number of troops in its advanced areas. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalensky himself encouraged the soldiers by visiting the border area. However, the Kremlin claimed that the deployment of troops was part of a maneuver. There is no threat to anyone.

Russia Ukraine Tension: now Britain will also jump into tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Typhoon fighter jets will be stationed in Romania
Russia conquered Ukrainian Crimea in 2014
In 2014, 14,000 people died in the conflict that took place during the Russian occupation of eastern Ukraine (Crimea). Most of them were residents of Ukraine. Russia is also deploying 28,000 armed people in parts of eastern Ukraine. These people are known as Donbass. These people have been waging an armed war against the Ukrainian government since 2015.

Russia teases with growing US-Ukraine closeness
Recently, a cargo ship equipped with military weapons from the United States reached Ukraine. In which many types of vehicles and other accessories were full. Russia is already teased by its growing closeness to Ukraine and the United States. After that, US officials expressed concern that it could pose a new threat of war between the two countries. It is not yet known when Russian troops began to gather on the Ukrainian border.

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