Joe Biden Queen Elizabeth: Joe Biden remembers his mother when he met Queen Elizabeth

US President Joe Biden meets with Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. Biden later said meeting the Queen reminded him of his mother. He also said that during tea at Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth also asked questions about Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden met the Queen after the G-7 summit ended. “I don’t think it would offend her, but seeing her reminded me of my mother, how kind and generous she looks,” she said before leaving London. He further added: “He’s very polite, not surprisingly, but we had a good conversation.”

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Queen guest at the White House
“She wanted to know more about the two leaders I am going to meet, Mr. Putin and she wanted to know more about Xi Jinping and we talked for a long time,” Biden said. He said he wanted to stay longer. Biden invited the Queen to the White House.

First Lady Jill Biden has previously said she looks forward to meeting the Queen and it has been an interesting part of the trip. Before Biden, Trump in 2018, Obama in 2016, George W Bush in 2008 and Ronald Reagan in 1982.
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sword instead of knife
Earlier, Queen Elizabeth attended an event with Duchess of Cornwall Camilla and Duchess of Cambridge Kate during the Indoor Rainforest Center Eden project, which was organized to thank the volunteers who helped during the Corona outbreak. During it, her official birthday cake was brought. The queen took the sword instead of the knife to cut it.

Joe Biden meets the Queen

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