Joe Biden Salary: What is Joe Biden’s Salary New President of the Americas: Salary of New US President Jo Biden

Strong points:

Joe Biden, as US President, receives more than the top salary from all over the world. US President’s allowances, salaries are $ 4 million a year, 17 different and Bhattonald Trump was making more profit in his business.
America is going to have its 46th president and the whole world is watching Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. This is also true because the salary and allowances of the president of the most powerful country in the world are also the highest in the world. The American president receives an annual salary of 400,000 dollars (Rs. 2,94,19,440), or about 5 times the salary of the Indian president.

Numerous allowances with salary
Besides the salary, the American president also receives 17 different allowances. They also receive $ 50,000 (Rs. 3,677,430) as annual expenses, $ 100,000 (Rs. 7,354,860) tax-free as travel expenses and $ 19,000 (Rs. 1,397,423) as entertainment allowance. Apart from that, the current and the former president also receive health and safety insurance, wardrobe budget.

Joe Biden Inauguration LIVE: 46th US President and Black First Vice President

Trump had ‘losses’
US President Donald Trump’s annual salary was much lower than his company’s previous earnings. At the same time, in his last speech, Donald Trump also taunted China on the move and congratulated the new administration without naming newly elected President Joe Biden, which showed his pain. Not only that, he also told his supporters at the end of his speech – “We will come back in one form or another” means we will come back in one form or another.

Joe Biden new president
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was elected the new President of the United States following the November election. He was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her father was of Catholic Irish descent, named Joseph Robbnet Biden, while her mother’s name was Catherine Eugene Finnegan. Joe Biden was a total of three brothers and a sister, including the eldest. Biden’s father’s financial situation was not good at first. Later, when his father became a car salesman, his house’s financial situation changed.

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