Joe Biden Signs Executive Orders: Jo Biden Reverses Donald Trump’s Decision, Bans Muslims, Mandatory Masks In America – Joe Biden Signs Executive Orders To End The Ban On Muslims Joining The Mask Mandate Of The climate in Paris

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, issued orders quashing Donald Trump’s decisions upon taking office. Biden signed multiple executive orders simultaneously on Wednesday. In this country where migrants have been relieved, the ban on travel from many Muslim countries has also been lifted. Given the threat from Corona, Joe Biden has made the mask mandatory across the country. In addition, money from the fence being built along the Mexican border was also withheld.

Joe Biden gave a green signal to join the Paris Climate Agreement and also ended the US withdrawal from the World Health Organization. Biden signed a total of 15 executive orders. Earlier, Biden’s team said signing the orders made up for losses Trump suffered. After signing those orders, Biden said there was no time to waste.
Speech by US President Joe Biden: Joe Biden’s first message after assuming the presidency – Make America ‘Ek’ Again
Must wear a mask for 100 days in America
He said: “Some of the decrees I will be signing today will help get out of the Corona crisis.” We are going to deal with climate change in a way that we have never done before. At the same time, we will work for unity among all people of the race and try to make all communities understand. Following Biden’s order, it became necessary to wear a mask for 100 days in the United States. Biden overturned Trump’s decision to lift the ban on Muslims. In 2017, Trump imposed a ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.

Previously, Joe Biden called on all American citizens to join the fight to defeat domestic terrorism and the white spirit. President Joe Biden said in his first speech after swearing on Wednesday that today “we are not celebrating the victory of a single candidate but the goal of democracy and the victory of democracy”. After taking the oath of office as the country’s 46th president, Biden, 78, not only vowed to restore relations with his colleagues around the world, but also called on the people of the country to “ protect the truth and defeat the lie ”.

“Today is America Day … Democracy Won”
Referring indirectly to Trump’s efforts to deny Biden’s victory in the election results announced in November, he said: “Today is America Day … Democracy has won.” Referring to challenges such as Corona virus infection and tackling racial injustice, Biden said, “There are many things we can do together.” Informing everyone of his vision to overcome the epidemic, to improve the situation, to unite the country, he said: “Solidarity is the way to go”. Biden has emphasized that he is the president of all American citizens, not just those who vote for him and those who don’t. In his 21-minute speech, Biden praised American citizens for accepting the challenge and restoring democracy.

Joe Biden signed several executive orders simultaneously

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