Joe Biden speech: America: Trump supporters are disappointed, but we are not the enemy … in the first speech after the victory, Biden showed a big heart

Joe Biden has appeared to the national public for the first time since being elected President of the United States. In his home state of Delaware, he addressed a large public meeting on Saturday night. Biden was also joined by Vice President Kamala Harris. Both gave the message of bringing all of America together in their speeches.

Joe Biden, who will become the 46th President of the United States, said: “The people of this country have responded. They gave us a clear victory, a satisfying victory. We can clearly see how there is a wave of happiness among the people of America and around the world.

Biden said I’ll see America as a United States, not a red-blue
Biden went on to say, “ I’ll be the president who does the job of not connecting people. Which will not look like the Red State or the Blue State but the United States of America.

Biden extends friendship to Trump supporters
Additionally, Biden also mentioned Donald Trump in his speech. Biden said: ‘I can understand how disappointed Donald Trump supporters have been, I’ve been on several occasions, but we should give ourselves a chance. They should work together to reduce the heat of each other. We are rivals, not enemies.

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