Joe Biden suffers from broken foot: Joe Biden: who played with Biden’s dog with broken bones

New US President Joe Biden died of an accident while playing with his dog. He is told that there is a slight crack in the bone in his right leg and that he will not be able to walk without support for many weeks. At the time of the incident, Biden was playing with his German Shepherd dog ‘Major’. Joe Biden has two of these dogs.

Joe Biden’s private doctor Kevin O Corner said the newly elected president had a sprained leg and was therefore unable to catch it on the x-ray. However, a CT scan later revealed that Biden’s right leg bone had cracked. He said Biden may have to walk with support for several weeks to come.

Biden, 78, is said to have collapsed while playing with his dog. Joe Biden underwent an hour-long treatment on Sunday in Newark by experts. As Biden returned from the hospital, he was in the van so as not to be seen. Let us know that after winning the election on January 20, Joe Biden will be sworn in. He accelerated the election of his ministers. On the other hand, Donald Trump is slowly moving towards abandonment.

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