Joe Biden Swearing-In Ceremony: Joe Biden Inauguration Ceremony Unprecedented Military Presence in Washington DC – New US President Joe Biden is Sworn in: Joe Biden-Kamala Harris will be sworn in today, Washington DC under the shadow of weapons

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Democratic Party Leader Joe Biden will be sworn in today as the next President of the United States. US security officials face a possible external threat. They also fear that a security personnel could attack Washington
Democratic Party Leader Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next President of the United States today. Law enforcement officers not only face a potential external threat, but also fear that security personnel might attack while on duty. However, no specific threat was noted to Biden. Despite this, strong security arrangements have been made.

There is a lockdown-like situation in the nation’s capital and over 25,000 troops and police have been brought to safety. Tanks and concrete blockers have been installed on the roads as part of security preparations. The national monument was closed. The US Parliament complex is under siege and a checkpoint has been erected on each road. Secret service officials responsible for the security of the entire program said they were prepared for any eventuality.
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Surveillance of right-wingers and militiamen
The law enforcement officer said the officers were monitoring members of the militant group and right-wing militias. His concern relates to the incitement to violent conflict by members of such unlikely groups coming to Washington. The official said that hours before the swearing-in ceremony, federal agents were monitoring anxious online discussions, including threats from elected leaders and discussions of intent to infiltrate the program.
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After the FBI investigation, 12 members of the National Guard were removed from their security duties, two of whom made fiery statements about the event on Wednesday. However, Pentagon officials did not develop them. Two other US officials told The Associated Press that the 12 kidnapped staff had connections to the right-wing militia or shared radical views on social media. General Daniel Hockenson, head of the National Guard bureau, confirmed that the members had been dismissed from their posts and sent home.

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