Joe biden took the corona vaccine: jo biden put the corona vaccine on live TV, appeals to people too – US President-elect Joe Biden gets the corona vaccine on TV

US President-elect Joe Biden has been vaccinated with the Corona virus. Joe Biden, 78, is currently receiving the first dose of the Corona vaccine. Biden is part of Corona’s high risk group.

Pfizer’s vaccine applied to Biden

Joe Biden received a dose of the Corona vaccine developed by Pfizer. Let me tell you that Pfizer’s Corona vaccine has gained official approval in the United States.

Biden put the Corona vaccine on live TV

In order to instill confidence in the American people, newly elected President Joe Biden took the dose of Corona vaccine on Live TV. While taking the dose of the vaccine, Biden said there was nothing to worry about.

Americans also call to be vaccinated

America is the country most affected by the corona virus. In such a situation, Joe Biden called on the American people to install the Corona vaccine. The corona vaccine will likely be available to the general public in the United States from next month, that is, in January. (Photo credit and source: AFP)

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