Joe Biden tripped over video: US President Joe Biden fell on plane stairs

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Video of US President Joe Biden sliding down the stairs, a White House spokeswoman said US President Joe Biden was perfectly fine when he boarded Air Force One on his way to Atlanta , the video slipped, the video went viral
US President Joe Biden slipped three times while getting on the plane. However, it is a privilege that he did not suffer any injuries. Video of this incident also surfaced in which Biden’s foot slipped down the stairs as he boarded Air Force One. A White House spokeswoman said the president was going 100%.

The video of Biden sliding down the stairs is getting more and more viral. As he boarded the plane, Biden slipped down the stairs. When he somehow woke up, he fell to his knees again. However, he managed and moved on. In the video footage, President Biden is also seen rubbing his knee after waking up. After that he slowly walked up all the stairs and turned around and bowed.

Biden is 100% fine
In fact, Biden was visiting Atlanta where he was to meet with leaders of the Asian-American community. White House spokeswoman Carine Jean cited high winds at Joint Base Andrew, near Washington, as the reason for the crash. Carin said there was a very strong wind outside, probably because of this the leg would slip. Biden is 100% good.

The oldest president of the United States
A White House spokesperson, however, did not say whether the visiting doctor investigated Biden after the incident. Earlier in November last year, Biden suffered a broken hairline in his right leg while playing with one of his dogs. Biden, 78, was sworn in as president on January 20. He is the oldest leader to hold the presidency of the United States.

Biden slipped while getting on the plane (Photo: AFP)

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