Joe Biden Two-nation solution: Joe Biden supports Israel and offers two-nation solution: Joe Biden supports Israel, isolates Palestine

US President Joe Biden said there had been no change in his administration’s commitment to Israel’s security, but stressed that the creation of a separate nation for the Palestinians was a two-nation solution. The conflict has ended. Biden’s remarks came a day after the 11-day conflict between Israel and Hamas ended with the declaration of a ceasefire under Egyptian mediation.

“There has been no change in my commitment, no commitment to Israel’s security, no argument,” Biden said at a joint press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae In, visiting the United States. United States. He said, “No change, nobody, but let me tell you, there may be a change. This change we still need a two nation solution. It is the only way. I believe we can move forward now, I believed the same thing before, even before negotiating a ceasefire.

Biden said his administration will ensure that the United States continues to provide security in the West Bank. “We have renewed the economic commitment as well as the security commitment for the people of the West Bank,” he said. Biden said that in his conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he told Israel that it was necessary for him to stop communal fighting in Jerusalem.

He said, “It has to end. I’m trying to work out a big package with other nations who share our vision of rebuilding houses there to rebuild Gaza without giving Hamas a chance to rebuild its weapons system. In response to a question about the change in attitude of several MPs from his Democratic Party, Biden said his party still supported Israel.

Israel-Palestinian now fighting at sea, devastated Hamas submarine

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