Joe Biden Votes Record: Joe Biden, who won the most votes in US history, got 8 crore, counting now – Joe Biden becomes the lead candidate to win over 8 crore votes while counting continues

Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who won the US presidential election, not only defeated President Donald Trump, but also made history. He became the first presidential candidate to receive more than 8 million votes. The peculiarity is that the vote count is still ongoing in many parts of the country and Biden’s victory can be recorded even more.

Victory record
According to a CNN report, Biden received 81.11 million votes as of Tuesday night, while Trump received 73.38 million votes. Trump also reached second place with the most votes in the country’s history. Biden received 306 electoral votes. At the same time, Trump’s account received 232 votes. Let me tell you that to win an election you need a majority of 270 votes. With this, Biden managed to take an unbeatable lead to Trump.

Start power transfer
Even though it is difficult for Trump to accept defeat, the General Services Administration (GSA) accepted Biden as the winner on Monday. With this, the Trump administration began the transfer process. Many states have already started to certify their results. Pennsylvania and Nevada completed their certification on Tuesday.

The vote count will take a long time
The US election was the most special this year, as a record number of people voted for the corona virus. The experts had expressed the possibility, before the elections, that because of this, the counting of the votes could be prolonged for a longer time. Kamala Harris, of Indian descent, was elected vice president with Biden as president in the November 3 election.

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