Joe biden warns White House staff: Joe Biden warns White House staff, if he disrespects anyone he will be immediately fired – US President Joe Biden warns White House staff to deal another disrespectfully will fire you

After having chaired the most powerful office in the world, US President Joe Biden issued a stern warning to White House staff. He said I heard you were talking to Jog Badmiji. I’m not kidding If my staff talk to someone with profanity, they’ll fire them immediately on the spot. Biden told his new staff at the White House that I just want you to respect others.

Biden gave the warning at a time when White House employees were sworn in online. He said, “Join and work with the world’s most decent government. We must restore the soul of this country. I accept you all as part of it. The new president has told the staff that the only thing I want from you for sure is honesty and decency.

Biden’s statement came at a time when America was divided into two factions during Trump’s reign. Donald Trump didn’t give up until the end and left the White House without attending Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. Not only that, thousands of Trump supporters had entered the US parliament and vandalized. Trump has been accused of inciting these supporters.

The US president signed 15 executive orders as soon as he took office, some of which are on the verge of overturning the important foreign policies of former President Donald Trump and some decisions related to national security. These orders from Karkari include re-adhering to the Paris Agreement on climate change, preventing the United States from leaving the World Health Organization (WHO), removing restrictions on the movement of people from Muslim countries and the immediate cessation of construction of the wall on the Mexican border, etc. .

“I am proud of today’s executive steps and will keep the promises I made to the American people,” Biden told reporters in the White House Oval Office after signing the executive orders Wednesday. I still have to travel a long time. They are only decrees. They are necessary, but for what we are going to do we will need bills. The president said he and he were on the verge of signing executive orders in the coming days.

Joe Biden asks staff to be polite

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