Joe Biden wins US election, but Donald Trump not ready to leave White House! Why?

Outgoing President Donald Trump of America is still not ready to accept defeat, but experts say America has a long history of peaceful transfer of power. Even if Donald Trump questions the validity of the election result, the American democratic system will continue. The question arises after Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election (2020 US elections), what options are now available to Trump. What will happen in the next few days?

Will you accept defeat with grace?

Trump alleges the election was unfair and that “ illegal ” votes were counted. He spoke of taking legal action against her. Although some close to Trump try to persuade him to accept defeat with grace, some Republicans are unable to accept defeat. These Republicans call on South Carolina not to accept the defeat of Senator Lindsey Graham Trump, saying, “President, don’t give up!” Fight Hard You are not a loser.

Are you trying to accomplish important tasks?

Those close to Trump say Trump is unlikely to formally accept defeat but leave the White House at the end of his term. Trump’s efforts to dismiss the election as unfair are seen as an attempt to fulfill his importance and show his supporters that he is still fighting. Trump’s friend and mentor Roger Stone was asked if Trump would accept defeat? So he said, “I’m skeptical about this.

When will Trump leave the White House?

The US presidential election is not yet officially over. The currently elected public representative will support the candidate who obtains the highest number of votes in his state. He will officially vote on December 14. On January 6, the newly formed Congress will seal the new results. After that, Biden will be sworn in on the afternoon of January 20. This date is fixed in the constitution. Trump will then have to leave the White House.

Will the army have to intervene?

An open letter to US General Mark in August raised the possibility of the military intervening to expel Trump from the White House. This will happen when, even after the end of his term, constitutionally Donald Trump refuses to resign. In such a situation, the US military can remove them by force. This letter was written by retired army officer John Nagle and Paul Yingling.

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