Joe Biden Won Georgia: Joe Biden Won From Republican Party Stronghold, Donald Trump Won By Republican Party – Joe Biden Won From Georgia Republic Party Stronghold Furious At US President Donald Trump

Joe Biden of the Democratic Party won Georgia, a Republican Party stronghold. A senior state official gave this information after the census. With that, Biden became the first Democrat to win from that important state after 1992. Officials were counting around 50 lakh votes by hand instead of the machine, which took several days.

In this, Biden of the Democratic Party won President Donald Trump by 12,284 votes. Biden led by about 14,000 votes before the recount. Georgian Secretary of State Brad Rafsperger said Thursday: “Georgia’s first historic audit reaffirmed that the state’s new secure voting system provides accurate calculations.

Not accepting Trump’s results is irresponsible: Biden
Earlier in 1992, Bill Clinton won from Georgia. Officials said the audit confirmed there was no fraud or irregularity in the November 3 election. Meanwhile, Biden said President Donald Trump is sending a very bad message to the international community by not accepting defeat in the election. Most of the mainstream media declared Joe Biden the winner of the US presidential election on November 3.

A few weeks later, many states will put official stamps on Biden’s name. However, Trump refused to accept defeat and also sued the election results in several states. In a meeting with a group of governors from both sides in Wilmington, Biden said: “There is a very bad message to the rest of the world about how democracy works.” I don’t know what his (trump) motive is, but I think it’s very irresponsible.

‘The most irresponsible president in Trump’s history’
He said in response to a question: “What the president is doing now is another incident whereby he will be recognized as one of America’s most irresponsible presidents in history.” Biden said: “ We would like to clarify that we won … but it is difficult for such a person to understand. I believe he is aware that he will not win and will not win. We will take power on January 20. In response to a question from reporters after the meeting, Biden confirmed that the national lockdown would not be imposed to deal with Kovid-19 in the country.

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