Joe Biden’s China Policy: China Shuts Down Quickly Joe Biden Warns Congress: Joe Biden Warns US Congress Against China

US President Joe Biden has made it clear that he will follow former President Donald Trump’s aggressive policy towards China. Addressing a joint session of Congress (US Parliament) after 100 years of his administration, Biden said the United States will maintain a strong military presence in the Indo-Pacific region. According to this statement by Biden, China is cold, which could again increase tensions in Asia.

Strengthen forces to prevent other countries from provoking conflicts
Biden has indirectly targeted China, saying the US military presence in the Indian Pacific is not intended to start a conflict, but to prevent other countries from doing so. Significantly, China is trying to increase its influence in this strategically important region. For this reason, China is in tension with many countries in the region.

America welcomes competition, but not conflict
During a joint session of the US parliament, Biden said he also told Xi that the US welcomes competition but does not want conflict. He said I told President Xi that our army will maintain a strong presence in the Indo-Pacific region as we have done with NATO in Europe, but it is not to start a conflict but to stop the dispute.

Biden said – I will protect American interests
Biden said he also told President Xi that we welcome competition but don’t want a showdown. But I have made it very clear that I will protect American interests first. He said America would oppose unfair trade methods, which lead to cuts in American workers and industries, and the theft of American technology and intellectual property.

There are tensions in America and China over many issues
The US president also told Xi that America will not give up on its commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms. No responsible US president can be silent at a time when basic rights are being violated. The relationship between the United States and China is at an all-time low. The two countries clash over issues such as trade, Beijing’s aggressive military moves in the contested South China Sea, and human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang province.

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