Joe Biden’s China Policy: China’s US election defeat that’s hidden in Biden’s victory, Dragon’s tension will rise – if Joe Biden wins the 2020 US election results it will be good or bad for China

Washington / Beijing
During the presidential election campaign in the United States, President Donald Trump strongly attacked China over the corona virus, Taiwan and India. Trump had called the Corona virus a Chinese virus. Now Joe Biden appears to be heading for victory in the election results. During the election campaign, Donald Trump accused Biden of being lenient on China, but experts say the victory will increase the tension of anyone except the Chinese dragon.

Experts say that whether Trump wins or Biden wins in the United States, the two will take a firm stand against China pursuing an expansionist policy. After Trump attacked China, Biden also vowed to teach China a lesson. US expert on Chinese affairs Marion Smith said China has become America’s biggest threat in terms of security, economy and prices.

Marion Smith said Biden has a heavy burden on China. During his 45-year political tenure from Senator to Vice-President, Joe Biden emphasized solidarity between China and the United States. In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping called Joe Biden his old friend. Even after that, Biden can take a tough stance on China. Tensions with already active China could intensify further.

He said Biden’s Chinese policy was very similar to Trump’s. Biden said he would keep the economic pressure on China. Joe Biden has announced that he will promote global coordination more than Trump in his campaign against China. Joe Biden sharply criticized China on the issue of human rights violations. He called the atrocities committed against Uigh Muslims “genocide”.

During the election campaign, Biden described China as the United States’ biggest rival. He said, “I think the biggest rival is China. And it depends on how we manage. This will determine whether we are competitors or whether we are more serious competition exerting force. He called Russia the greatest threat to American security.

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