Joe Biden’s journey from one of the youngest senators to the oldest president, Joe Biden’s journey from one of the youngest senators to the oldest president

Recognized as a public leader, reformer and painter to others, Joe Biden Oath was once one of the youngest senators in the country and to this day has become the longest-serving president in American history with his long experience. His trip to India was very interesting. He has nearly five decades of political experience. Six-time senator Biden defeated Republican Leader Donald Trump in the presidential election at the age of 78.

Biden failed twice
Previously, he had failed twice in the presidential race in 1988 and 2008. Biden, a top Delaware leader, dreamed of becoming president since he was a child, but his dream came true on the third attempt when he won. the South Carolina Democratic Party primary on Feb. 29 last year, beating many veterans. Left and made his most spectacular comeback in American political history. Biden, who spent five decades in Washington, served twice as Vice President of the White House under former President Barack Obama.

Put your side firmly in front of the trump
This time, he has placed himself firmly in front of the American people as an alternative to Trump. Accepting his bid for the August presidential election on behalf of the Democratic Party, Biden vowed to restore “ America’s soul ” and said he would work to spread light in the country, not the darkness. This time, Biden is the oldest person to take power in the White House by defeating Trump in a very bitter presidential election. Biden vowed to unite the country in his victory speech and said, “It’s time to heal the wounds in America.” He said: “I use this post to restore the soul of America, to rebuild the basis of this nation, to work for the middle class and to make America honorable again in the world and to unite us all here in the country. Want to do

Biden has been in favor of relations with India
A Delaware senator for more than three decades, then Obama’s vice president for eight years, Biden has always been a staunch supporter of Indo-American relations. Biden said during his election campaign that India and the United States were natural partners. Biden has always had close ties with Indian leaders, ranging from playing an important role in passing the Indo-American civilian nuclear deal and setting a target of $ 500 billion in bilateral trade under the administration. republican. A large number of Native Americans are associated with it.

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Appointed 20 Indian-Americans
Biden has appointed at least 20 Indo-Americans to senior positions in his administration, 13 of whom are women. This in itself is a new record for a small ethnic group whose population represents only one percent of the total population. 17 of those people will be part of the powerful White House complex. Biden’s swearing-in as the country’s 46th president is also historic in itself, as it is the first time that a woman as Kamala Harris will take over the country’s presidency. Harris, 56, is also the first African-American woman of Indian descent to become Vice President of the United States.
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Born in 1942, Joe Biden
Born to a Catholic family in Pennsylvania in 1942, Joe Robin Biden Jr. studied at the University of Delaware, then graduated with a law degree from Sirkaus University in 1968. His father worked in oven cleaning and sales. old cars. Biden was first elected in 1972 and has served as a senator six times in the state of Delaware. He was one of the youngest elected representatives to the United States Senate when he was first elected at the age of 29.

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Presidential protest in 1988 and 2008 too
Biden also challenged his party to become a presidential candidate in 1988 and 2008, but was unsuccessful. Known as an outspoken speaker, Biden speaks openly about the tragic events that happened to his family, including the 1972 car crash. His first wife Neelia and 13-month-old daughter Naomi were killed in a car crash. car and their sons Beau and Hunter were seriously injured.

Biden wrestling
Biden met his second wife Jill Jacob in 1975, then they married in June 1977. Their daughter Ashley was born in 1981. In 2015, Biden’s 46-year-old son Bu died of a tumor in the mastermind who fought in the Iraq War and served as Delaware’s Attorney General. In 1988, Biden also had a brain problem. Biden received his presidential bid last year when rival Senator Bernie Sanders withdrew from the running for office in April 2020. Biden was also charged with sexual harassment, which he rejected.

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