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The essentials The actor of the series “Tarzan” Joe Lara died on Sunday in the crash of a business plane in the US American Tennessee.

His face and body necessarily speak to you. Actor Joe Lara, who played Tarzan in the American series of the same name, died on Sunday, May 30, at the age of 58. Joe Lara was on a small business jet that crashed in Tennessee.

The plane took off from Smyrna Airport in Tennessee on Saturday and was scheduled to fly to Palm Beach, Florida. It crashed into a lake shortly after taking off. The reasons for this crash are still unknown. His wife was on the plane with him. There were a total of seven people on board.

Joe Lara had played Tarzan in 1996 and 1997 without the series of the same name. He began his film career in 1988 with the film “Night Wars” and shot a year later in the film “Tarzan in Manhattan”. In 1996 he took over again the role of Tarzan in the film “The Fantastic Adventures of Tarzan”. His filmography also includes “Operation Delta Force”, “Conan” and “Death Game”. In 2002 he withdrew from the trays to devote himself to music. Joe Lara started his career as a model with Pierre Cardin, Armani or Versace.

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