John Magufuli admits covid 19 problem: Tanzanian president’s “ prayer ” neutralizes, country’s first corona outbreak – Tanzanian president finally John Magufuli admits country has covid 19 problem

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The president of Tanzania has finally accepted the case of the corona virus in the country. President Magufuli claimed to have defeated Kovid-19 by praying for several months. (Kenya)
After Tanzanian President John Magufuli claimed to have defeated Kovid-19 through prayer for several months, the country finally accepted a case of the virus. President Magufuli on Sunday asked the people of this East African country to take precautionary measures and wear masks.

Magufuli also warned of products made abroad, including Kovid-19 vaccines during the outbreak. The president’s statement came days after the death of Zanzibar’s vice president. His party has confirmed that the leader is infected with the corona virus. The chief secretary to the president also recently died, but the cause of death has not been disclosed.

Tanzania has not provided any information regarding Kovid-19 cases
On the occasion of the chief secretary’s funeral, Magufuli urged people to attend a three-day prayer to deal with unspecified “respiratory” illnesses. The statement aired Friday on the national broadcaster. Tanzania has not given any information on Kovid-19 cases in the country since April last year and the president has consistently claimed he has been defeated.

There are officially only 509 cases of Kovid-19 in Tanzania, but residents said many people have complained of shortness of breath and patients with pneumonia have also increased in hospitals. World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom said in a statement on Saturday that Tanzania’s acceptance of the virus problem would benefit its citizens, neighboring countries and the world. Trados also asked Magufuli to take “strict measures”.

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