Johnson & Johnson Corona Virus Vaccine One Shot: Johnson & Johnson Corona Virus Vaccine Approved By Who: The World Health Organization Approved Johnson & Johnson Corona Virus Vaccine

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WHO approves Johnson & Johnson’s Corona vaccine 85% effective in intensive clinical trials on three continents Effective in dose vaccine, must be easier to store
The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday approved the use of the Johnson & Johnson Corona virus vaccine as an emergency. In addition, this single dose vaccine can now be included in the international COVAX campaign through which vaccines are distributed internationally, especially in poor countries. In a statement, the United Nations Health Agency reported that a large-scale clinical trial found Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine to be effective in the adult population.

Large scale trial
The day before, the European Union gave the green signal to the vaccine in all countries. WHO Director-General Tedros Adenam says that with the new vaccines, they must ensure that they are part of the global solution, not the reason some countries and people are being left behind. The J&J vaccine trial was conducted on three continents.

In this, it has been rated as 85% effective against standards such as serious illness, hospitalization, and death. Interestingly, the vaccine was effective in South Africa, where the new variant created problems.

Excitement due to a dose
WHO Senior Advisor Dr Bruce Alieward hoped J&J would be able to deliver a dose in the coming months. It is expected that at least in July he can be vaccinated. Just one dose is effective, so there is more excitement about it. The vaccine should be stored at a low temperature, so a single dose will improve this work.

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Vaccine gets approval

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