José Antonio Monago saves a woman after a serious traffic accident

Updated: Friday, June 18, 2021 11:19 PM

Posted: 18.06.2021 23:18

José Antonio Monago, former chairman of Entremadura’s board of directors, put in a performance that may well have saved a woman’s life. As detailed by ‘La Razón’, the politician, firefighter by profession, was returning along the A-5 road towards Badajoz, near Trujillo.

It was then that Monago saw the wreckage of the vehicle, in which was a woman. According to a letter from a witness to the ‘Hoy’ newspaper, the politician “jumped out of the car and went straight to resuscitate the woman,” who was trapped in the vehicle.

The car was struck from behind by a truck, leaving the vehicle in an accident. Monago got out of her moving car to help the 53-year-old woman, who was unconscious and was bleeding noticeably from her head.

Monago squeezed the woman’s hand as he tried to revive her, which he did twice. The witness adds more details about what happened: “He was with her for 45 minutes, without stopping talking to her, so that she would not fall asleep.

After these 45 minutes had elapsed, two ambulances appeared to get the woman out of the vehicle. Monago’s driver handed over a razor which helped cut the seat belt that was preventing the woman from getting up from her seat. Eventually the woman was able to get out and is recovering in serious condition from a head trauma and broken ribs.

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