José Luis Ábalos leaves the secretariat of the PSOE Organization

Posted: Monday July 12 2021 20:15

José Luis Ábalos is leaving the secretariat of the PSOE Organization, as laSexta moved forward last Saturday and the PSOE confirmed it today. After the departure of the executive of the former Minister of Transport and Mobility, Ábalos will also cease to be the number “3” of the PSOE.

In a brief statement from the party, they explain that the former minister recognizes as an honor to have been in charge of the secretariat, and delegates his functions to Santos Cerdá, the number ‘4’ of the formation so far.

As the PSOE indicates in the letter, balos presented a letter in which he underlined “the loyalty and sense of duty he has exercised within the party in four intense years”, as he explained his departure a mature and necessary decision from a personal and family point of view ”.

He adds in the letter that “the PSOE is today a stronger party and more aware of its hegemonic role on the left and much more capable of mobilizing society to continue transforming our country”. From this moment, Santos Cerdán León will assume the responsibilities of the Secretariat of the Organization until the celebration in October of the 40th Party Congress.

As the journalist Esther Redondo explained, this is not the only expected change in the formation, which awaits a Congress during which it is decided what will be the next direction of the formation of Pedro Sánchez.

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