José Luis Moreno used his notoriety to access funds, being the main beneficiary, and whose objective was to maintain his “lifestyle”

Posted: Thursday July 01 2021 18:32

The court order in the “Titella” case, which affects television producer and businessman José Luis Moreno, indicates that there are indications of the existence of a criminal organization, which operates internationally, “whose criminal activity is diversified in different specialties of fraud and fraud, banks and private investors.” The text, to which LaSexta had access, indicates that the main beneficiary of these funds was José Luis Moreno, and that for this he used its notoriety, as a “highly recognized” public figure.

According to the aforementioned order of entry and registration of the case, Moreno “would lend his name as a business card, so that they would have a much easier time obtaining financing in the banks”. It would also be responsible for presenting the film or television project for which funding is required. But they were also at the head of this structure “divided into operational cells” that were Antonio Aguilera and Antonio José Salazar de Castro.

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