Juan Carlos Bermejo presents his candidacy for the Cs primaries to fight for the Community of Madrid

Citizen activist Juan Carlos Bermejo is running again as a candidate in the primaries of this party for the May 4 elections in the Community of Madrid, against the former regional vice-president, Ignacio Aguado.

“We are talking about the activists of Cs; you already know that more than ever there is a need for a party like Ciudadanos which knows its values ​​and which distances the institutions from those who want to use them for their own profit as to now, Bermejo transferred via his account Twitter

According to him, “Ciudadanos today is more necessary than ever to maintain this balance and that is why there are activists who already know who is responsible for not complying with the mandate of the polls and having been faithful to support today ‘hui, they already know who is responsible “. Bermejo thus announced his candidacy for the primaries, as he did in the last elections in 2019.

In 2017, Bermejo tried to fight Albert Rivera for party leadership, losing with 6% of the vote. Despite his defeats, he tries again to choose to lead the Ciudadanos project, this time in the Community of Madrid.

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