Juan Carlos I could return to Spain in March, but without setting up his tax residence

Publication: Monday, March 1, 2021 10:58

The king emeritus could be on the verge of returning to Spain: according to “ El Mundo ”, which quotes business friends of Juan Carlos I, the former monarch would consider returning to Spain more than six months after his departure, while retaining its tax residence. outside to avoid taxes in the country.

According to the newspaper, Juan Carlos I could return in less than two weeks and would do so, symbolically, by reversing the route to leave the country. The former head of state is reportedly considering taking the plane to Porto, Portugal, and from there cross Galicia. The objective is to attend one of the competitions that will take place during the Ría de Pontevedra Interclub Regatta, a sport of which Juan Carlos I is a follower.

In this way, the emeritus would ensure a pleasant welcome before returning to Madrid, where he will not be received in Zarzuela. His departure indeed began in Sanxenxo on August 3, when he had dinner with his relatives at Real Club Náutico in the city.

The return, according to the sources consulted by “El Mundo”, would be temporary to avoid new controversies around the institution of the monarchy and to escape, also, fiscal responsibility. By spending less than 183 days per year in Spain, you would avoid taxation in the country. He would achieve this by alternating his stays between Spain, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, taking advantage of his friendships. One of your hosts would be businessman Pepe Fanjul, known as the Dominican Sugar King, who made his properties available to the Emeritus.

The fact that Juan Carlos I establishes his tax residence abroad would partly resolve his relationship with the Treasury. According to the same sources, in order for the king to cope with his regularization of four million euros, he received loans from friendly businessmen with five years to repay them, so that the Treasury does not consider him not as a gift. . This would prevent future tax crimes that would further tarnish your figure.

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