Juan Carlos I presents a document to regularize his tax situation

Publication: Sunday December 6 2020 09:44

New chapter in the already long book of the scandals of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I. The last movement of the monarch, according to the newspaper ‘El País’, was to present a declaration to the tax administration to regularize his tax situation.

He did so through a letter that his lawyer, Javier Sánchez-Junco, addressed to the Treasury, which is now studying whether to accept this regularization proposed by the emeritus or whether, on the contrary, he asks for clarification and decides then what is the amount that must be paid.

This statement would not be related to his possible fortune abroad, but to the investigation by the Supreme Court into the use of dark bank cards of Allen Sangines-Krause, a Mexican businessman.

The fight against corruption is on the trail of opaque credit card spending allegedly used by kings emeritus Juan Carlos and Sofía and some of their grandchildren.

As laSexta learned in November, the king’s aide-de-camp, Air Force lieutenant colonel Nicolás Murga Mendoza, would be his lead, while the money came from Mexican millionaire Allen Sanginés. -Krause.

A statement was taken from Mexican businessman Sangines-Krause, who allegedly fed these accounts and paid for numerous trips and stays for the monarch emeritus. This businessman, friend of the emeritus, invited him to the reopening of an Irish church he had restored in 2017.

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