Juan Carlos I wants to regularize more than half a million euros in opaque income

Publication: Monday, December 7, 2020 8:39 a.m.

Juan Carlos I wishes to regularize at least 500,000 euros of opaque income that he used between 2016 and 2018, years when he was no longer inviolable, and which was at the head of a Mexican businessman.

According to information published by “El País”, the legal team of the King Emeritus met with the Public Treasury to inform them of a proposal for the fiscal regularization of these foreign funds. Over the three years analyzed, in at least two of them, the former monarch would have committed a tax offense.

The owner of the accounts that paid for hotels, travel and restaurants, among others, is the Mexican Allen Sangines-Krause and the emeritus disposed of this money through a figurehead, Colonel de the air force, Nicolás Murga Mendoza, according to Anticorrupción. .

Prosecutors added more than 500,000 euros in costs credited to Juan Carlos I during those three years. Not only the former head of state had these funds, but also other members of his family, among whom the current kings are not included. That figure could rise as investigations progress, the newspaper said, citing legal sources.

In two of these three years, the King Emeritus would have committed a tax crime, since his fraud would exceed the threshold of 120,000 euros per year. The emeritus is now trying to regularize his situation since, according to the law, anyone who regularizes his tax situation will be exempt from criminal liability before the court or the Treasury informs the person concerned of the opening of the proceedings.

For the moment, neither the tax administration has opened a file nor the prosecution has filed a complaint.

According to “El País”, the former monarch must pay 70% of the unreported income, around 350,000 euros of the half a million that Juan Carlos I hid from the Treasury.

The King Emeritus has two other cases opened before the Supreme Court, where he is noted: the investigation into the alleged collection of illegal commissions for the works of the AVE in Mecca in 2014 (still inviolable) and that related to companies in tax havens.

The half-million that Juan Carlos I wants to regularize has nothing to do with the sums available to the former head of state in Switzerland, where he received in 2008 a gift from the former king of Saudi Arabia of 100 million dollars (65 million euros). In 2012, he emptied these accounts and donated the money to his lover Corinna Larsen.

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