Juan Espadas defeats Susana Díaz in the primary of the PSOE of Andalusia and will be a candidate for the Junta

Posted: Sunday June 13 2021 9:34 PM

The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, will be the PSOE candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía. Espadas imposed himself on the former president and general secretary of the party, Susana Díaz, who failed to renew the confidence of the affiliates to try to regain the presidency which he lost in 2018 after nearly forty years of socialist governments.

With nearly 100% of the votes counted, Espadas collected 55% of the votes, against 38% obtained by Díaz. Having obtained more than half of the votes, Espadas avoided a second round.

“We are going to close one page and open another,” Espadas said this morning after voting in his local group. Shortly after the polls closed, he assured via his Twitter account that “the only one who has to worry is Moreno Bonilla”.

The result of Díaz, whose team heated the atmosphere by assuring that there were possibilities, was so bad in some groups that the critical candidate Luis Ángel Hierro was above the votes.

The motion of censure in Murcia and all its derivatives, like the elections in Madrid, pushed Ferraz to advance the primaries to choose a candidate in the region. Susana Díaz, who remained leader of the opposition after winning elections in 2018 but was unable to govern, insisted on running for the primaries, defending that her candidacy would grant autonomy to Andalusian socialists. This charges Espadas with the sanbenito to be the candidate of Pedro Sánchez.

With this victory, the President of the Government emerges strengthened at the head of the party and loses the little internal opposition which remained to him. Díaz, who was his closest and disputed enemy for secretary general in 2017, now loses de facto Andalusian leadership, even though he will remain secretary general of the largest socialist federation.

The candidates’ campaign was less tense than expected, making little noise and with the controversy over the pardons to the independence leaders taking over from the political news.

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