Juan Mari Aburto temporarily leaves the Bilbao mayor’s office to undergo tumor surgery for the third time

Publication: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 6:05 PM

Bilbao mayor Juan Mari Aburto has announced that he is due to step down from public office temporarily to undergo surgery for a duodenal tumor next week

He announced it on his Twitter account, where he recalled that he had already undergone two similar interventions: “I had it 13 years ago and it was reproduced to me 7”. He affirms that “it was a hard blow” but he wanted to continue to exercise his functions as director of the Basque municipality.

Juan Mari Aburto said he was “fine, strong and wrapped up” ahead of the operation, which will take place next week. He thanked everyone for their concern and promised to start working with the cell phone “as soon as the doctors leave me”.

He ended with a little joke to Athletic Bilbao: “You owe me a Cup”, referring to the game lost last Saturday against Real Sociedad.

Juan Mari Aburto has been mayor of Bilbao since June 2015, when he succeeded Iñaki Azkuna, who died in March 2014. He has governed with the Socialist Party since 2015 after having revalidated his candidacy for the 2019 elections.

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