Juanma Moreno is moved to remember those suffering from the pandemic during her speech on the occasion of Andalusia Day

Publication: Sunday February 28, 2021 21:19

Andalusian President Juanma Moreno said in a speech in which he could not contain the emotion that this February 28, Andalusia day, is the “saddest” of those celebrated so far because of of covid-19, but he assured that there were “reasons for hope”.

“I am grateful as the president of the Andalusians, but I also thank as a father”, he expressed, to which he added: “I live the anguish of the sick family member, the discouragement of the ‘friend with the closed business or sadness for the loneliness of our elders’, in which case the chairman of the board could not hold back his tears.

Moreover, during his speech, after the presentation of the title of Favorite Son of Andalusia to singer Raphaël and the Andalusian Medals, the Andalusian president declared that his “ambition” is that “this time, this time yes”, the Andalusians arrive “the first towards the future” and asked themselves: “Why not dream of being the leader of our environment?”.

“No one like these brave people knows how to get up after a fall. We are tenacious women and men who have always resisted in the face of misfortune. 1000 times in our history, we have done it and we will do it again because this nightmare will pass. and the Andalusians will be there, loaded with hope of getting back on their feet, ”said Moreno.

In a Teatro de la Maestranza with a capacity of 1,800 seats and only 290 covered because of the coronavirus, which twice applauded the people who fought during the pandemic, the Andalusian president affirmed that “the pandemic is the challenge most difficult any government has faced in the last century “and with” challenges never seen before “.

However, he defended that “the covid will not be able to stop” the process of “transformation and regeneration” which has been undertaken. “Andalusians, dream and realize the dream”, underlined the president after recalling the sentence of the “poet who knew best the soul of Andalusia”, Federico García Lorca, according to which “the most terrible of feelings is the feeling to have a dead hope “.

“Today, February 28, we must invoke the Andalusian fighter, conqueror and courageous who, throughout history, has so often overcome adversity”, stressed Moreno, who added that this day in Andalusia “is different”. But that Andalusians deserve to feel “proud” because during this year they “fought and persevered”.

Before his intervention, Moreno thanked the Spanish President, Pedro Sánchez, for the congratulations in a tweet to the Andalusians for the community day, and assured that “the south reaches out so that all together, Spain as a whole and united , are getting during the pandemic. “

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