Judge accepts José Luis Moreno to pay three million dollar bond with houses and real estate


Updated: Thursday 08 July 2021 13:13

Posted: 08.07.2021 12:55

The judge of the National Court Ismael Moreno partially admitted the call for reform presented by José Luis Moreno to pay the three million deposit with the real estate.

In this way, the products will be able to make available to the court creditworthy real estate guarantees not seized for a value of six million to be released provisionally. Moreno has until three in the afternoon today to hand over the money and otherwise he would be admitted to jail.

According to article 593 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, real estate must be double the amount in cash established by the judge.

The magistrate understands that there is always a risk of absconding, but that with this cumbersome deposit it can be avoided.

Signs of criminal organization

The court order of the “Titella Case”, in which the television producer and businessman José Luis Moreno is involved, indicates that there are indications of the existence of a criminal organization, which operates at the level international, “whose criminal activity is diversified into different specialties of fraud and fraud to banks and private investors.” The text, to which laSexta had exclusive access, indicates that the main recipient and beneficiary of these funds was José Luis Moreno himself, and that he used his notoriety for it.The sole objective of this fraudulent business network was for him to obtain the necessary financing to be able to “continue with his high lifestyle”.

According to the aforementioned order of entry and registration of the case, Moreno “would lend his name as a business card, so that they would have a much easier time obtaining financing in the banks”. It would also be responsible for presenting the film or television project for which funding is required. On one occasion, an Argentinian businessman was swindled 31 million euros for a project that was never carried out.

In this “modus operandi”, which “lasts in time”, they also formulate as leaders of this structure “divided into operational cells” Antonio Aguilera and Antonio José Salazar de Castro. The three reportedly started working together in 2017.

While Moreno lent his name as a “visiting card”, Aguilera and Salazar were in charge of securing businesses, putting on make-up, putting themselves forward and presenting them to banks as the beneficiaries of the financing necessary for the development of their activities. . Activities which, in most cases, turned out to be non-existent, since the sole purpose of these front companies was to “profit illegitimately”.

A second criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking

The car also speaks of another illegal organization, linked to the first, led by Carlos José Brambilla Ulloa, and whose main activity is reportedly international drug trafficking.

To launder the black money obtained from this activity, the entrepreneurs used the Aguilera organization and used another businessman, Gerardo Mauricio García Quintero, as an intermediary between the two.

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