Judge cites Alvise Pérez as being investigated for falsifying a positive PCR from Salvador Illa

Posted: Thursday July 08 2021 20:06

A Barcelona judge summoned the tweeter Luis Pérez, known as Alvise Pérez on social media, to testify as being investigated for spreading a false document claiming that the former minister of Health Salvador Illa had a positive CRP during ‘El Debat’ on laSexta on the Catalan elections.

As judicial sources explained to LaSexta, Barcelona’s investigating court number 33 cited Alvise Pérez being investigated on September 23, attributing the crimes of falsifying documents and insults to him.

The prosecution also asked the Mossos d’Esquadra to analyze the profile of the accused to contextualize the publication under investigation with other similar ones and their actual distribution.

The judge ordered Alvise to question him as part of the investigation, after taking a statement last month from Salvador Illa himself, who announced his intention to appear as private prosecutor in the case. to defend his “honorability” after the “slanders” made by the tweeter. .

Controversy around a debate on LaSexta

The CPS denounced Alvise Pérez to the prosecution for having disseminated a false positive PCR of COVID-19 on social networks in which the data of Salvador Illa appeared.

The complaint refers to a tweet published by Pérez during ‘El Debat’ on laSexta, in which the image of a positive PCR test result was attached with Illa’s last name, first name and date of birth, dated February 6.

“In the aforementioned comment, the honor of the people questioned is clearly lacking, in a total disregard for the truth,” the Socialists argued in their complaint.

laSexta has already been able to verify that the text does not correspond to any document issued by the QuirónSalud Hospital in Barcelona. Sources at the center assured that there was “no analysis with this name” and that the laboratory number is false: “It is not ours because it has nine digits and ours has eight”. The heading of the document does not coincide with that of the documents issued by this same center.

Despite the fact that the tweeter deleted the original post in which it spread the hoax to its more than 220,000 subscribers, it then retweeted other users of the social network who were spreading the fake report.

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